Nigeria Police Aptitude Test Exam Date, Venue 2024/2025

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Nigeria Police Aptitude Test Exam Date, Venue  NPF Examination Date|recruitment update today|talentbase

The Nigerian police aptitude test is the next phase of the recruitment process. How ready are you for the upcoming Nigerian police Aptitude test exam? Join us as we enlighten you more on the Aptitude Test.

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The Nigerian police Aptitude Test Exam takes place in designated centers located in 36 states of the country. Coordinators that will ensure that the Aptitude test and screening is successful are already deployed to all states.

The aim of this aptitude test is to ensure that the recruitment process conforms with acceptable standards necessary for recruiting only well deserving officers.

We are here to inform you that the Nigerian police are going to send out invitations through registered mail used to signed up for the recruitment.

Nigerian police aptitude test

As a successful applicant, If you are yet to receive update via your email address, chances are that you can find your names on list of those scheduled for the exam that was sent to Police Command headquarters in your respective state.

It is the tradition of the Nigerian police to always paste the names of those who have been invited for the Aptitude test in all Command Headquarters located in each state.

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Note: we are going to inform you here when the list are available for checking.

Nigeria Police Aptitude Test Requirements

The Nigerian police aptitude test is compulsory for all, you are to report at the venue with the following items:

  1. Guarantor’s form, this must have been Duly completed
  2. NIN, this stands for National identity number. It is your means of identification.
  3. All the documents you sign up with, please bring them, this include Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age, O level results, Birth certificate
  4. Also bring your application acknowledgement slip.

Note: the Nigerian police recruitment passes series of screenings and they are as follows :

Nigerian police aptitude exam and test

General background check: here the Nigerian police force will go deeper by asking more questions about the applicant history, checking files to make sure they are not recruiting ex-convict or those with criminal case.

Biometrics : all ten finger prints are usually captured and stored, this prevents double registration, double payment, irregularities etc.

Medical : medical screening will be conducted at the final stage of recruiting a candidate, this is to check against any chronic disease and illness that might be hiding undetected.

Physical Examination : this is a general screening where all applicant presents themselves for screening. They will check if they actually meet the height requirements, the chest measurement requirements and also if they have any disability.

Aptitude, oral and psychological tests: this seems to be the hardest part to most people, but just be well grounded in current affairs, history of Nigerian policy, history of past IGP’s, files and Ranks of the Nigerian police force, and also your ability to read and comprehend properly.

Conclusion: the inspector General of police has issued a statement. He says the force will not recruit any candidate without passing through all these screening procedures listed above.

He said that the aim is to ensure those who have questionable characters are identified and sent away and only those with good behaviour, sound knowledge are recruited.

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